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“We leverage the data within InsightSquared daily. The host of metrics that are available within InsightSquared – that I can look at any given time – allow me to make the changes that I need to for us to finish that month or quarter stong.”

Ryan Deitch

VP of Sales



“I literally manage our business on a day-by-day basis, tracking new business, up-sells to our existing customers and renewals—and InsightSquared is the critical component that visualizes all of that data for me, my management team and the rest of the leadership team.”

Stuart Finn

VP of Sales and Customer Success



“As soon as we implemented the forecasting, we’ve been able to reduce our sales cycle by nearly 15%. In addition, over the past year we’ve been able to increase our win rates by 4 or 5% points.”

Conor Tuttle

Director of Revenue Ops


New Breed

“One thing that InsightSquared has really helped us do is to bridge the gap between our Sales and Marketing teams. It’s really helped streamline our operations.”

Guido Bartolacci

Manager of Acquisition and Strategy



“The sales rep is the most expensive resource in our company. What InsightSquared allows us to do is to really understand what’s going on within the funnel… and help the most expensive resource in our company be that much more productive. ”

Todd Abbott

EVP of Global Sales and Services



“InsightSquared is part of my sales ops toolkit. When we want to understand the bigger picture, that’s what we use InsightSquared for.”

Pamela Coleman-Davis

VP of Operations



“InsightSquared helps us get the rich data out of Salesforce and the real time insights allows us to change strategy on a dime.”

Emmanuella Skala

VP of Sales



“InsightSquared reveals the details that help you make better decisions.”

Todd Olson

CEO, Pendo



“InsightSquared allows us to respond to any changes happening in the market or in the pipeline as well as look at the full cycle from marketing to closed deal.”

Heather McKibbon

Senior Director

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